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How is Covid affecting some weddings?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Covid 19 and weddings

As a professional photographer and videographer I have worked at many weddings so far this year. Unfortunately at several weddings I was advised shortly after by the bride and groom that there had been large outbreaks of Covid amongst the guests. Nobody really knows how this was transmitted. However from a photographers perspective I do see lots of hugging and kissing which of course is normal during a wedding. This seems to happen mainly during the line up when every body is congratulating the bride and groom. I think we can all agree that everybody's health and safety is still paramount and something you may wish to bare in mind when organising your day. It is easy enough to adjust a few things without any disruptions or loss of enjoyment especially if you are concerned for yourself and your guests. Personally as I have already mentioned, I work at lots of weddings, almost every week to be honest so I have a lot of contact with a lot of people. Therefore to keep myself safe and protect others, and although not obligatory I choose myself to wear mask throughout the whole day. Imagine if I had a wedding on the Saturday and your wedding the following day ??? I will leave you to think about that one

Remember anybody can obtain a home lateral flow Covid testing kit which could be done on the day of the wedding if they wish to do so . Its great as you get results within half an hour and then you can relax somewhat.

By far the most important thing on your wedding day is to have fun! Get some bubbly flowing photos, enjoy getting pampered and look forward to the most special day of your life! Natural pictures are by far the best. Just relax and let the day flow naturally. Your wedding day is all about you, we are there to capture your precious moments. We encourage all our couples to relax and spend their day having an amazing time but be mindful during the process.

Everybody wants enjoy the magic of a wedding day so if we all do our part it can be a really fantastic occasion for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns the do not hesitate to get in touch.

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