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Questions asked by Couples

Below are just a few common questions I get asked by couples. If you have any queries or anything you want to ask please do not hesitate to call me on 07951 077196 or email me at I will be more than happen to answer your questions in full.

Here a just a few questions I get asked on a regular basis.

(Q)  How long have you been doing weddings?

(A)  I have been photographing/videoing weddings for 15 years. The team of associates I work with also have many years experience.

(Q) Do you work alone or with a team

(A) Most of the time like most photographers we work alone unless it is a joint photo and video package which does require two professionals. As well as myself I also work alongside a great team of associates (professional photographers and videographers)  This is great because if I am not available myself then to avoid disappointment I am able to see if any of the team are available for you. You will of course get to see samples of their work before deciding to book. 

(Q) What equipment do you use?

(A) I myself have 3 main cameras 2 x Sonys and 1 x Panasonic Lumix. and a serious of top-grade lenses. In addition a variety of wireless triggers a DJI gimbal for video work, Mavic Air drone and various other equipment. My associates also have a wide variety of the same or similar professional equipment.

(Q) Do you arrange to meet your clients?

(A) With todays technology couples now find it much more convenient and comfortable to arrange a video call or zoom meeting online. 

(Q) We want a wedding album how do we choose the photos and how many.

(A) A typical 40 page album will need around 90 to 120 of your favourite images so they fit nicely on the pages. I will design the album for you using the right amount of images. You can keep the images I have personally chosen  in the album design or swap them for images of your own choice. Simply  let me know the mages numbers you want to swap or change and I will do the rest. You will of course also receive all of the images from your wedding day as seen in your gallery of which there can be anywhere between 200 and 500 photos depending on the type of coverage on the day.


I design your ​album to help take away the stress of deciding which of your beautiful photos to choose. Some couples love the images that I have personally chosen, some change a few  and some a lot but ultimately it is you up to you. 

(Q) How will you photograph/video our wedding?

(A) Each wedding has its own unique style and way of shooting. There are many things to consider like location, lighting, and the weather, etc. However both myself and the team I work with have our own format for coverage which I discuss with every couple to ensure it is what they want. This will allow us to give our best on the day. It is all about capturing the fun, laughter and the magic of the day.

(Q) How many photos will we have and when will we get to see them or our video?

(A) Your photographs or videos are normally ready for viewing online 6 to 10 weeks after the wedding day. This could be longer or shorter depending on my workload especially during the busy summer months. You will get between 150 and 500 images. The amount really depends on which package you chose and the type coverage on the day, taking into account, weather, time of year and location etc..including how much time we get to spend with you and your guests.  Once your images are ready You will be emailed a secure online galley link.  From there you will be able to view them privately online or share with family and friends if you wish. . With all new bookings from Sept 2021 you will now get your files sent by digital download.   Or if your package included them on a USB then they will be sent to you by post a few weeks after you have initially seen them in the gallery or you will receive them with your album when you collect it. 

Once you have approved  your album designs it will then be ordered and sent off for production and then shipped to myself when it is ready. Please note wedding albums usually take 3 weeks or so to build and deliver to me for inspection from the time of your final approval.

(Q) If I have a videography package how what do I get and how long is the video/s?

(A) You will also get a highlights montage video which will be any thing from 10 to 15 minutes long with backing music. You will also 2 other separate videos. One will be the full ceremony filmed and other will be the full speeches.  Most video is filmed documentary style in small segments through out the day from bride prep to first dance. How long the final video is depends on several factors. 1. location 2. size of the venue 3. amount of guests 4. weather on the day 5. how long the ceremony and speeches last 6. the amount of time we get with you etc..etc... Please note by law we are not allowed to film or photograph the signing of the register so this part will be excluded. In some cases there can be a mock signing set up if allowed. More information can be found in my terms and conditions.

(Q) Do you supply or sell Video RAW footage Or Raw Photos.

(A) We do not sell or supply the RAW video footage or photos shot at your wedding for a variety of reasons. For example due to the very large file sizes which can run into many gigabytes. In addition un-edited video footage is not suitable for viewing as it requires professional editing and colour grading before final output. We only supply your videos and photos that have been professionally corrected and colour graded to provide the best quality results.

(Q) How and when will I receive my album

(A) Once your album has been ordered it then goes through a process and is built to a high standard. This normally takes 2/3 weeks from the time you agree and finalise it to delivery to myself. Once it arrives you will be notified and can then arrange a convenient time for you to come and collect it.

(Q) Can I share my photos on Facebook and social media?

(A) Of course yes. Although I do recommend adding a watermark and resizing the images first. Facebook does heavily compress uploaded images which can make the quality look poor online. I do offer to do this for my clients for a small £20 charge so the images look the best they can. If you are having a wedding video and wish to share it online then you will need a short highlight video producing with copyright/royalty free music . This will need to be arranged with you if required. 

(Q) What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

(A) Unfortunately, the weather is something we can not control. However, we do take steps just in case which we discuss with clients in advance so we are all prepared.

(Q) How do we book and what are the payment terms?

(A) Once you are happy with your package option I will immediately book your date on my professional booking system. You will then receive a direct email link to your personal online booking form which will need completing to secure the date. This will also include your package information, quotation, and relevant terms and conditions. You simply fill in all the details as required and make the booking fee/deposit payment of £100. The booking fee/deposit can be paid by debit or credit card. Or you can do it by bank transfer. This payment is automatically deducted from you final balance. Please note the final balance is due two weeks before the actual wedding date and payable by bank transfer.

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