Booking Contract Terms & Conditions

1. General Coverage.

For your main photographs or video, I require between 1- 1/2 to 2 hours minimum between the end of the ceremony and your sit down meal. This time can be changed if the timings are tight. In this case, the group shots (photography only) can be done after the meal if need be. Please also allow for travel times when relocating. To achieve the best results remember the more time you can give me better images or video coverage and variety you will have. Formal group shots (photography only) Group photos will normally consist of the following. 1. Main Bridal Party-consisting of the bride & groom, (children if applicable). Parents, Grandparents, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids. 2. Bride and Groom with both parents/children. 3. Bride with mother, 4. Bride with bridesmaids 5. Bride and groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen 6. Confetti shot all outside. These photos normally take up to 30 minutes with the remainder of the time taken for both romantic and personal photos or videos in various locations. Please bear these times in mind when arranging your mealtimes with the venue organizer and reception. I cannot be held responsible for insufficient photographs or videos due to late timings from any third parties or yourself. 

​2. Online proofing.

Online proofing and viewing of your images/video will normally be ready 4/6 weeks after the wedding.  Photo Images will be post edited for color rendition and enhancements to produce the best printing results. Packages that include a wedding book or album will be a further 2/3 weeks (approximately) until you receive the album itself. This is due to any further post-editing work, album template design, and final print and delivery.

​3. Full Coverage (if applicable).

Full coverage starts from the time that the photographer/videographer needs to arrive for bridal prep. This can be 2 hours or more before the actual ceremony itself. For example, if your ceremony is at 1 pm arrival would be at approximately 11 am. Sometimes this can be earlier if I have to allow time to relocate to the church or venue. I will be there for the remainder of the day and through to the evening. The evening coverage is up to the cake cutting and first dance but not later than 9:00 pm for the first dance. This may be extended for coverage to include the evening party but must be pre-arranged at the time of booking. If your ceremony is an earlier start then I will still be there from the bridal prep and with you right through to the evening. At some point there will be some downtime usually whilst guests are eating. t this point I will take a break to have a meal myself. Coverage ends as soon as the first dance has finished unless otherwise discussed. Please note. Evening coverage is an optional chargeable extra. (see my wedding packages page) It is included as standard in my gold package and video packages.

4. Food. If your coverage is going to exceed 5 hours it is normal practice for a hot or cold meal to be provided for the photographer(s) videographer (s). Should a meal not be provided then the photographer/videographers(s) may leave the premises for 1 hour during the wedding breakfast. Please discuss this in advance so alternative arrangements can be made.

​5. Taking Photos and Videos of you and your guests.

As a professional photographer and videographer, you are hiring me to photograph or video your wedding day and to tell the story as it unfolds. It is normal practice to be taking lots of photos or filming a video during the day of the event. This includes your guests including family members, friends, children, and anyone else associated with your wedding.  It is your responsibility to inform all of your guests that this is the case. If anyone should object to being filmed or photographed then I would need to be advised in advance. In most cases, guests and anyone associated with a wedding day usually understand that there will be a professional photographer or videographer present throughout. Rarely are there any issues with the above but should anyone object it is that person's responsibility to make it known before the day commences. In order for me to offer a professional service, It would be that person (s) responsibility to make sure they avoid being situated where the photographer or videographer is working. A wedding is a very busy day with lots going on and therefore capturing that person (s) on video or in photographs may be unavoidable. Should this happen then this in some cases can be deleted in post-editing. You must bear in mind that the photo or video captured may have been taken at a very important part of the day for you? Any deletion or editing can also affect the number of photos you have or the outcome or story of your day. That person (s) may be in the background at a critical time of the day such as when photographing or filming the vows etc. Therefore it is vital they follow the advice and avoid being in the line of the cameras. The best practice for any such person (s) is to stay behind the cameras at all times where possible.

6. Aerial UAV Drone Photography and Videography.

As a qualified A2CofC UVA (Drone) pilot I have gained certain permissions to be able to fly for commercial operations subject to following all regulations as set out by law and the CAA. Both aerial photography and videography are only allowed subject to these regulations being adhered to.  Operations for any commercial use including weddings are subject to obtaining certain permissions, the health and safety of involved and uninvolved persons, and weather conditions on any given day. If I can not perform this service due to adverse weather conditions or any other safety reason then any payment for this service will be refunded. 

7. Album.

The time period for finalizing your album and going to print must be not any longer than 6 weeks. This is after seeing your images and pre-designed album spreads for the first time.

8. Copyright & Printing.

You the client will get a print release document which gives you full permission to print as many of your wedding images as you want.  In addition, you can post them on social media but please note Pete Davis Photography/Videography owns the copyright to all images/videos.  He also reserves the right to use them for advertising, social media, and promotional purposes unless agreed otherwise with you the client.

​9. Backing up your images/video

From a typical wedding, you will receive between approximately 300-600+ fully edited images or one hour or more of video footage. This amount varies due to the type of coverage and length of time at the wedding. Please note that adverse weather conditions may limit any outdoor photography/videography. Once you have received your photographs/video either on a disc, USB drive, web transfer, or download it will become your responsibility to check that all the images/videos open up ok on your own equipment. If there is a problem you must contact me within 2 weeks. It is your also your responsibility to back up all your photographs/video as soon as possible. Pete Davis Photography will only retain a copy of the images/video for up to 6 weeks after which time they will be deleted. Some images may be kept longer if needed for advertising and promotional use.

10. Booking form

Shortly after confirming you wish to book my services, you will receive an online booking form/contract including my terms and conditions. Once this is signed it will form a contract between both of us and highlight the obligations we have to each other. This will contain the information regarding the package price you have chosen, deposit, and balance payment terms. It will also include times, venue details, and coverage. The package you have booked can be changed anytime before the wedding. For example, if you may wish to add an album or increase the coverage time etc. Amended details will be noted on my booking system. Booking forms must be signed electronically or returned by post within two weeks of confirmation.  Failure to do so will risk cancelation and the loss of your deposit.

11. Booking fee/retainer

A non-refundable booking fee/retainer is required to confirm your booking and block the date for you. The amount for the booking fee/retainer is 10% of all my packages except my joint photo and video package. The booking fee for this package (video and photography) is a higher amount but will be discussed and agreed upon with you prior to you confirming. The remaining balance is due 14 days before the wedding itself. This does not apply to the video and photography combination package where the balance will be due sooner and noted on your confirmation. The booking fee can be paid either by debit/credit card or bank transfer. The final balance payment should be paid by bank transfer to avoid high credit card charges/fees. Please note. If when you book my services you still haven't confirmed your venue location then please note the following.  Should the venue location exceed a 30-mile radius from where you live there may be a small excess charge to cover fuel cost. 

12. Third-Party Suppliers.

If for any reason I have to use or offer to provide a third-party professional photographer or videographer you will be advised in advance. At this point, I am more than happy to show you samples of his or her work upon request. However, you must request this as soon as possible or straight away to make sure you are completely happy with the replacement before the signing of the contract. I do not accept any liability on the part of third party suppliers, photographers, or videographers for issues surrounding public liability and professional indemnity. All suppliers must have their own professional insurance cover. Should a third party not be acceptable to you then you have the right to cancel with all monies refunded. 

13. Cancelation by me.

If I cannot perform this contract due to illness (illness not limited to me) please note the following. Cancellation can be due to any type of emergency or unforeseen circumstances such as fire, strike, an act of God, viral outbreak, or any causes beyond the control.  This can include other third parties involved. I will do my very best (but not guaranteed) to find an alternative photographer/videographer. If this is not acceptable then a full refund will be issued immediately except in instances where cancellation was beyond my own control. It is, therefore, advisable and important that you take out adequate wedding insurance cover for any such situations. I shall then have no further liability with respect to the contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials/images are damaged in processing. This includes images lost through camera or other media malfunction, lost in the mail. In addition, it would include stolen camera equipment/memory cards, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of myself the photographer/videographer, or suppliers.

​14. Cancelation by you

In the event of cancellation on your part for any reason then Pete Davis Photography will retain your booking fee as this is non-refundable. If cancelation is less than 4 weeks before the wedding date you may be charged up to 50 % of your package price for lost revenue. If you change your wedding date then the booking fee/retainer can be passed on to the new date subject to it being available.

15. Corona Virus.

With the recent events and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and no limit or time frame to how long it may last. I would like to advise all my clients to check their current wedding insurance or consider purchasing insurance to cover you in the event that your wedding may not take place. This also includes your venue, church, suppliers including your photographer or videographer.  Or any other part of your wedding coverage being affected or even canceled. Certain venues/events and suppliers have already canceled with the possibility of more doing so in the coming months should things escalate. During your wedding, only small family photos will be taken. Larger group photos may be restricted or avoided altogether for the purpose of social distancing which is in the interest of everybody's health and safety.  I cannot offer any personal advice on the type of insurance, health matters, or any guarantees on how the wedding industry will unfold. Small gatherings of people could be affected during this time and the future months ahead. I like all photographers and videographers will be following the advice of the UK's health department as well as local government on staying safe.

​16. Joint videography and photography option.

If you are looking for both a joint videographer and photographer to capture your day then I am able to offer a variety of combined packages. Various price options are available. This is done by working with independent professionals I have teamed up with in the past. If you want to view photos or videos by these individuals I can direct you to their own websites to view their own portfolios.  I will then contact them on your behalf not only to check availability but also to put together a combined price option. Combining your coverage this way means you will not only be saving money but you will get two or more dedicated professionals working as a team covering your big day. If you then decide you want me to cover either the photography or videography part of your wedding then this will be a booking/contract between yourself and Pete Davis Photography. Any other party/professionals involved as mentioned above would be independent of this booking. You will be sent a separate booking form from them which may include additional information including their own terms and conditions for the work they will be undertaking.

​17. Data Policy and GDPR.

Pete Davis Photography takes privacy very seriously which is why this policy document has been produced describing the collection, use, and disclosure of any of your information. This includes when my website or its services.  Privacy applies to all information collected through my services, this includes terms of use. The idea of our policy is to make everything transparent and clear regarding how your personal data is processed, protected, and what is done with it.

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