With the recent events and uncertainty surrounding the Corona Virus outbreak, I would like to advise all my clients to check their current wedding insurance or consider purchasing insurance to cover you in the event that your wedding venue, church, suppliers including your photographer or videographer or any other part of your wedding coverage being affected or even canceled. Certain venues/events and suppliers have already canceled with the possibility of more doing so in the coming months should things escalate. During your wedding, only small family photos will be taken. Larger group photos may be restricted or avoided altogether for the purpose of social distancing which is in the interest of everybody's health and safety.  I cannot offer any personal advice on the type of insurance, health matters or any guarantees on how the wedding industry which includes small gatherings of people could be affected during this time. I like all photographers and videographers will be following the advice of the UK's health department as well as local government on staying safe.

I will, of course, update you on a regular basis of any developing situations that could affect your wedding day.

PLEASE READ section 12 and 14 of  my Terms and Conditions Page Here