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If you still plan to get married this year what are the implications.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

This is a very important read

One thing I have learned over the years as a midlands Wedding Photographer is to be open and transparent with my clients. So with this in mind I have decided to put together some realistic and pragmatic advice regarding the implications of getting married this year.

Please note: these are my ideas and thoughts and may or may not reflect the way other professionals think or they way they perceive things. This includes suppliers and venues alike. It is there to advise and help couples who may not have thought in-depth the possible impact of Covid-19. It includes information about the safety impact and how this could affect things on the wedding day itself and as to whether waiting to see if your wedding goes ahead this year is the right thing to do. Continue reading below...

1. Bridal preparations - You need to consider whether the makeup artist and the hairdresser will be able to work safely near to yourself and other people in the room. If the 2-metre safe distance rule is in place then this will be extremely difficult to implement.

2. Bridal prep usually takes place in the same room as the bridesmaids and other family members, also the makeup artist, hairdresser, photographer, and videographer. The 2 metre safe distance rule is once again very difficult to put into practice in these situations. If you're getting ready at a hotel or venue and have decided to have separate rooms for the bridesmaids remember this may incur extra charges. This can be a safer option for you but you may lose the joy and atmosphere of everyone getting ready together.

3. If anyone is wearing face masks like yourself, bridesmaids, make up artist, hairdresser etc..then your professional photos and video will not be very flattering or what you want to see.

4. As I am sure you are already aware that the ceremony will more than likely still have restrictions in place for example how many people can attend and social distancing methods in place for areas like the arrivals, guest gatherings, bar service, ceremony room, evening guests and even outdoors, etc…and some staff and guests may have to wear protective masks for personal health reasons.

5. Group and family Wedding Photos may not be practical or possible with social distancing.

6. The wedding breakfast/meal could be limited in numbers and also how everyone is seated could be affected. The venue may have to consider the safety of the waiters and waitresses and other staff who will more than likely have to have to wear gloves and probably face coverings though out the food service.

7. The big question is how many guests will attend or decline an invite? Even though things may have calmed down in the next few months. people should ask themselves if you got invited to a wedding at the moment would I attend? The answer may be yes if you are young and are not quite as concerned as the older generation, but many guests are older. There should be a consideration for people like parents, grandparents, older aunts, and uncles, etc..and if it is fair to expect them to attend under such circumstances.

8. Evening guests who want have fun and are ready to party, will they stick to social distancing? especially after a few drinks. So as you can see these are just a few things to think about if you are determined to go ahead with your wedding this year.

9. Most important of all is your health and safety and that of your guests and suppliers etc.. If possible consider getting a plan B in place for next year or later but bear in mind dates and venues are filling up super fast for the very reasons explained above. Venues will hold out as long as possible this year as they want your wedding to go ahead especially if you have already paid. This is quite understandable on their part as they do not want to lose your business. Please remember in the end It is your special day so considering a plan B if possible is highly advisable.

10. Finally thoughts:- With the situation as it is, ask yourself…can I enjoy the magic of my wedding this year and will it be all I have dreamed of? Remember love lasts a lifetime but you only have one wedding day.

Wedding Cake close up by Pete Davis
Wedding Cake Image by Pete Davis Photographer. West Midlands.

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brian wheatley
brian wheatley
Aug 09, 2020

Some great information here Pete. Well done. Most weddings have now moved to next year but there are still people getting hitched.

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