Wedding Day Tips and Covid Advice

Your wedding day is an amazing day and fast approaching. With this in mind I would like to provide some tips and advice to make the day go as smooth as possible under the current circumstances.


I always like to remind couples about what is required to photograph or video your special day. In order to obtain wonderful memories professional photographers/videographers obviously require sufficient time as I am sure you can appreciate. This is around one and half hours from the end of the ceremony until your sit down meal time or speeches if they are before the meal. Please remember to any figure in any relocating times as well,  such as the time it takes to get from the church to the venue itself etc. The main thing is to plan and allow enough time after the service before the start of your wedding breakfast/meal . To plan these times you will need to discuss this with the venue sometime in advance. We want your day to be great fun and as free flowing as possible.


My tips and advice is as follows:


To help us through your very special day and to manage the on going pandemic situation you will find below are a few things that will need to be done. The following may vary depending on your coverage/package chosen.


  1. During bride preparations please ensure that the room is well ventilated and whilst taking photos or video. To stay safe it is best that there is a minimum amount of people are in the room at the same time. For example if it is a small room then any bridesmaids or other family members may be politely asked to step out of the room whilst I am working but don't worry this is only for a short period just whilst photos or video are being taken. 

  2. Help us by ensuring all labels and tags etc..are removed form the wedding dress, jewellery, shoes, perfume , etc., and any other things that may be photographed.

  3. If possible please put these items (above) in a separate well lit room by a south facing window if possible. This will ensure nice photos under good lighting. We understand it may be a little hectic on the morning but please also try and avoid too much clutter as this can be distracting in the background of photos. These little touches save you and your photographer time which they can then spend taking beautiful natural photo’s.

  4. Bride prep photos will be done as quickly and professionally as possible so you can all mingle again and have fun. As soon as we have finished we will leave the room straight away and wait outside for the next set of photos which is usually bridal portraits. At this stage the photographer will re enter the room with just the bride to take photos or where possible do them outdoors. Another great tip is to ask your hair and make up artist to get you ready first before the bridesmaids etc. As this can really help with times and avoid any rushing at the last minute. To capture such beautiful photos the bride needs to be ready about 1/2 hour before the photographer has to leave to meet up with the groom and groomsmen. Don't worry If the bride is not ready at this stage the bridal portraits can be done later usually after the ceremony or during the personal shots alone.

  5. The ceremony will be covered as normal but as guided by the church or venue and their rules. 

  6. Group photos will be taken outdoors and of the main bridal party only. If any family member does not want to be in the photos due to being in close proximity with other family members then we will have to respect their wishes.

  7. At the moment each venue is putting in place their own guidelines regarding speeches. In some case they are not allowed or there may be a need to use a PA system to avoid loud talking. You will need to discuss this with your venue in advance.

  8. The first dance will also be covered as guided by the venue.

Covid safety PLEASE READ

I have attended several weddings so far this year and unfortunately shortly after the wedding I have been advised that there has been large outbreaks of Covid amongst the guests. Nobody really knows how this was transmitted but from my perspective I see lots of hugging and kissing which of course is normal during a wedding. This seems to happen mainly during the line up when every body is kissing hugging and congratulating the bride and groom. It is something you may wish to adjust if you are concerned for yourself and your guests. Safety and everyones well being is paramount at the moment so please bare in mind what I have mentioned above. I work at lots of weddings, almost every week so have a lot of contact with people. Therefore to keep myself safe and protect others I choose myself to wear mask throughout the day. 


Remember anybody can obtain their free home lateral flow Covid testing kit which could be done on the day of the wedding if they wish to do so .  Its great as you get results within half an hour and then you can relax. You can go to your local pharmacy to pick up a free kit or order online HERE

By far the most important thing on your wedding day is to have fun! Get some bubbly flowing photos, enjoy getting pampered and look forward to the most special day of your life! Natural pictures are by far the best. Just relax and let the day flow naturally. Your wedding day is all about you, we are there to capture your precious moments. We encourage all our couples to relax and spend their day having an amazing time


Everybody wants enjoy the magic of a wedding day so if we all do our part I'm sure it will be a really fantastic occasion for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns the do not hesitate to get in touch.